The USACO collects various data from its participants:
  • Name
  • Nickname ("handle")
  • Email addresses
  • High school graduation date (optional for those who don't participate in contests)
Participants optionally supply other information so coaches can contact them for assistance in programming or to deliver certificates and other prizes:
  • School
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
This information is sometimes shared in these ways:
  • Contest results are announced on an e-mail mailing list and also on the web. Future results might be announced via press release or in magazines. Such results contain the names, schools, and graduation years of various levels of winners and other participants.
  • A small number (<25) of elite competitors might receive occasional (<3/year) e-mail forwarded via USACO about special educational or employment opportunities.
  • Those who register here are entered into the 'hs-computing' mailing list, which receives 10-15 messages per year relating to contest announcements, contest results, and the rare notification of other related events or contests.

Registrants can review and revise their personal information via the link at the top of the index page after logging in.

Parents who wish this information to be destroyed should contact Rob Kolstad ([email protected], +1 719-481-6542) with the understanding that valid registration is required for participation in USACO programming contests. Those without name, school, and email address can not participate in USACO contests.

All collected information resides in a central location. Please contact webmaster Rob Kolstad ([email protected], +1 719-481-6542) for more information.

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